The Invincible

Explore and survive a barren unknown planet whilst solving a thrilling mystery in The Invincible!

You are a highly qualified, sharp-witted astrobiologist named Yasna. Being entangled in a space race, you and your crew end up on the unexplored planet Regis III. The scientific journey quickly turns into a search mission for lost crewmates. Follow its trail, but be fully aware that every decision you make can bring you closer to danger.

Immerse yourself in the atompunk atmosphere by using various tools, such as a telemeter or a tracker, and drive a vehicle through a stunning landscape. Experience realistic interactions with analogue technologies in a retro futuristic timeline. The Invincible is a first-person game based on the motifs of The Invincible – an iconic novel of the world-known, hard science-fiction author and Polish futurologist Stanisław Lem.

The Invincible Key Features:

  • Epic narrative driven gameplay
  • Stunning alien planet landscapes
  • Realistic interactions with analogue technologies in a retro futuristic timeline
  • Choices dictates your journey including multiple endings

Find out more in our The Invincible review here, or visit the official The Invincible website.

Release date
November 6, 2023
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