Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster

Relive two timeless RPG’s as you unearth the mysteries of the skies above and reclaim the lost ocean below in Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster!

A long time ago, there was a great conflict between the evil god and the people. After a fierce battle, the people managed to seal off the evil god, but what was left behind was a desolate land. The people thus chose to abandon the land and live in the sky.

Such fairy tales were passed down as legends. At this time, people had wings called Wings of the Heart and lived a peaceful life. It was an era of long-lasting tranquility… But the collapse had quietly already begun. When a young man calls upon the Guardian Spirt, the story begins to unfold. A story set on a floating continent in the sky, where thoughts and prayers intersect.

Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster Key Features:

  • Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and Baten Kaitos Origins in one game
  • Improved graphics
  • New features for game progression
  • Additional accessibility options

Find out more in the official Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster website.

Release date
September 15, 2023
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