Helldivers 2

Fight for freedom across a hostile galaxy in this frenetic third-person co-op shooter!

Freedom. Peace. Managed Democracy. Your Super Earth-born rights. The key pillars of our civilization are under attack from deadly alien creatures conspiring to destroy your planet and its values. The Helldivers must take on the role of peacekeepers in this Galactic War and protect their home planet, spread the message of Democracy and repel the hostiles by force.

Decide how to take down each enemy surge using a multitude of offensive and defensive tools. Need to take out a massive onslaught of Terminids in one go? Call in a hellpod drop a 500KG bomb, leaving behind only liberated bug corpses. Need to lay down a defensive perimeter? Bring in an Anti-Personnel Mine Deployer to boobytrap the battlefield. As you complete missions, you can upgrade your ship and build an even more impressive arsenal. Everything from shield generators, to turrets, to large-scale airstrikes can be used to give your team the upper-hand.

Helldivers 2 Key Features:

  • Take back hundreds of planets each with different terrain, environments and hostile forces
  • Team up with up to 4 friends or match make online
  • Upgrade your ship and gear to be an expert Helldiver
  • Continually updated by the developer adding new features and fixes

Find out more in our Helldivers 2 review here, or visit the official Helldivers 2 website.

Release date
February 8, 2024
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