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Lose yourself and your mind to the interdimensional terrors that await in this twisted Macabre horror game from Sydney developer, Weforge Studio.

It’s no surprise that Australia is home to some pretty terrifying creatures – pretty much everything in our beautiful sunburnt country is out to kill you. Adding to the list of things to fear in your own backyard, Weforge Studio, a small team based in Sydney, have been crafting a horror game unlike any you’ve ever seen before: Macabre.

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With a simple title that evokes horror and crafted around a chilling aesthetic, Macabre promises to bring tension and narrative found in single-player horror games, but do so in a co-op setting. Drawing upon the fear of the unknown, otherworldly interdimensional terrors, and adding in a creative time-loop, Macabre will find you and your friends spiralling into its endless gameplay.

Check out the announcement trailer below, which made its international debut earlier this month at the PC Gaming Show:

We were lucky enough to catch up with Jay Topping, Creative Director at Weforge Studio, who gave us a run-down of the process behind making such an ambitious horror game and setting Macabre apart from other titles.

How does Macabre set itself apart as a horror game?

Macabre is a co-op stealth extraction horror game that takes players on a thrilling journey through infinite timelines within an unstable time rift. Guided by Banjo, an eccentric recluse with an unclear past, players will venture deep into the rift, tasked with uncovering the source of terrifying anomalies.

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Rustic exterior, quiet Sydney neighbourhood, plenty of parking. Rent is $1500/week.

Macabre features a highly replayable game loop, addictive progression, and the option to play solo or with friends. The game is designed with depth and replayability in mind, offering unique locations, immersive art and sound, cunning creatures, and a pinch of Dark comedy.

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If this old mate is Banjo, I’m not sure I want to see Kazooie.

People all around the world know Australia to be a dangerous place. Our goal is to reinforce this stereotype by showing we also have cunning interdimensional beings that will stop at nothing to tear you apart,” said Jay Topping, Creative Director and Co-founder of Weforge Studio. “We believe that Macabre offers a fresh and unique take on the horror genre.”

The Horrific Art and Design of Macabre

Our team has been busy with concept art, working on lots of different items and environmental designs. Each piece of art is crafted with attention to detail, bringing the eerie world of Macabre to life. We’ve made various environmental dressing and optimisation updates, enhancing the overall visual appeal and performance of the game. These updates are designed to create a more immersive and atmospheric experience, drawing players into the world of Macabre.

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Macabre’s timeloop will keep you coming back again and again and again and again and agai-

By manipulating Unreal’s Metahumans, we’ve created unique characters that fit our narrative. We’ve also finalised many more 3D elements, including equipment and quest items. Each asset is carefully designed and rendered to contribute to the game’s overall aesthetic and atmosphere. There’s plenty more to be done, but things are progressing well.

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The price of a bond clean on this place would be enough to scare anyone to death.

We’ve been refining the level design to ensure that each area provides a unique challenge and contributes to the game’s overall narrative. We’re still working towards our Demo, and much of the core functionality has been implemented. The next step will be to start testing!

When can we experience the horror of Macabre?

We’ve been making steady progress towards our Demo, integrating various components and refining the gameplay experience. As mentioned, much of the core functionality is now implemented, so it’s really about testing. Getting the timing and game flow right to ensure we deliver on our horror tone is our top priority. We’re so excited to get this Demo up so we can see people’s reactions and gather community feedback. Expect a thrilling, immersive experience that offers a glimpse into the eerie world of Macabre.

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Our priority is getting our Demo up on the marketplace and into players’ hands so we can start gathering feedback. We only get one shot at making a good impression, so it’s all hands on deck to ensure that happens. We’re particularly excited about continuing to refine the gameplay mechanics and introducing new, unique elements to the game.

About Weforge Studio

Weforge is an independent game studio based in Sydney, Australia, founded with the goal of supporting our debut title, Macabre. Our team of experienced professionals have worked on a range of notable projects in games, VFX, cinema, and advertising, giving us the skills and expertise to deliver first-class visuals in real-time.

We’re committed to building and maintaining a reputation as a premiere studio, and we continue to develop and create new IP to offer high-quality solutions across all aspects of interactive screen media in Australia.

Want to find out more about Macabre and stay up-to-date with all the latest updates? Be sure to wishlist the game on Steam, follow the Macabre Twitter, and visit the official Macabre website for more information. And join the Qualbert Discord to chat with us as we find out more about this exciting upcoming Australian horror game!

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