PAX Aus 2023 tickets on sale now

Grab your controller, grab your friends, and grab your pins, because PAX Aus 2023 tickets are on sale now!

Greetings, traveller! Pull up a chair and listen. The year was 2013. Tomb Raider made a triumphant return with a reboot of the ‘96 classic, tabletop players embarked on a journey to protect the world from an Ancient One in Eldritch Horror, The Last of Us hit PlayStation consoles and no one had heard of Pedro Pascal, and it was the first year PAX Aus opened its doors (in the pouring rain… in a tent), welcoming Australian gamers.

PAX Aus 2023 – Celebrating 10 Years!

Celebrating 10 years of bringing the gaming community together, PAX Aus 2023 is not to be missed! The Qualbert team made it last year for the very first time, and had a blast discovering all the incredible indies which you can find in our PAX Aus 2022 Australian Indie Game Showcase!

When is PAX Aus 2023?

The PAX Aus community will once again be welcomed home on October 6-8th to celebrate everything we love about gaming at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (a far cry from the tent!). With a decade of PAX Aus-ing, this year’s event will be a celebration brimming with panels, concerts, tournaments, esports, special guests, meetups, cosplay and lots more, plus a show floor highlighting the best that the Australian gaming community has to offer.

PAX Aus 2023 tickets showfloor

Just a small portion of the showfloor from last year’s PAX Aus.

Where can I buy PAX Aus 2023 tickets?

As we work to bring you the best, early bird badges for PAX Aus 2023 are available for purchase now via the official ticket page! Early Bird 3-Day badges will be limited and available for $175 and Early Bird Single Day badges for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be available for $70.

Where is PAX Aus 2023 held?

PAX Aus is the show stopping three-day conclusion to Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW), taking over the whole of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, and welcoming tens of thousands of gamers to their ultimate celebration. Honestly, it’s pretty hard to miss it – just head to the Melbourne docklands area and look for the swarms of people in cosplay.

PAX Aus 2023 tickets Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

We can’t wait to see you there!

Event Director, Lauren Luciani, said, “PAX is always special, but this year is particularly meaningful as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this incredible event. Time flies when you’re having fun and that is certainly true of getting to work on PAX Aus. The whole PAX team is dedicated and passionate about bringing the community a PAX Aus to remember!

Want to find out more about PAX Aus 2023?

Whether you’re a DnD wizard, obsessed with Indies or addicted to Battle Royale, there is something that will appeal to every gaming enthusiast at PAX Aus. So, Happy 10th anniversary to the PAX Aus team! Grab your PAX Aus 2023 badges and the Qualbert team will see you there!

For more information and badges, please visit the official PAX Aus website and follow all the PAX news on socials. And to find out how to meet the Qualbert team at PAX Aus 2023, jump on the Qualbert Discord to find out more.

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