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March 5, 2024

Return your memories to another Nintendo DS cult classic in our Another Code: Recollection review!

Another Code: Recollection originally started life as a DS title way waaaay back in *checks notes* ye ‘ol 2005 as ‘Another Code: Two Memories’ (also called “Trace Memory” in the US). It then had a sequel come out on the Wii, ‘Another Code: R – A Journey Into Lost Memories.’ ‘Another Code: R’ did get released in Europe for all the English Speakers over there, but no such luck for the Americans. 2024’s ‘Another Code: Recollection’ is a remake of these games, bundled into one for the Nintendo Switch.

When Another Code: Two Memories first came out, it was considered a cult classic. Blending puzzles with a mystery storyline in a bite-sized package, it quickly won over fans who were also into puzzle games like the Layton series, or Ace Attorney. But did this puzzle adventure game deserve to be pulled kicking and screaming into the 2020s? Let’s find out in our Another Code: Recollection review!

Another Code: Recollection Review – Story

‘Another’ follows a girl called Ashley Mizuki Robbins, a naive 14-year-old who believed her father passed away when she was little. Then, surprisingly, she gets invited to meet with her father on Blood Edward Island. Once arrives, she becomes friendly with a phantom called D (who has lost his memories) and they uncover the secrets lurking on the island. Ashley discovers more about her parents, and D’s memories start to return. The sequel follows up with Ashley two years later.

Another Code: Recollection review story

Don’t talk to (ethereal) strangers.

The remaster doesn’t separate the two games from one another, they’re stitched together so that you just jump straight into the sequel after the first. I wouldn’t say that the story is, say, on the level of the Zero Escape series in terms of complexity, but it does tell its tale competently and would be particularly well-suited to teenagers with its themes.

Another Code: Recollection Review – Gameplay

This is a point-and-click adventure game, where Ashley can explore a 3D environment, and solve a variety of puzzles. One of the upgrades for the remaster is an escalating hint system, in which you can get hints for puzzles you’re finding difficult to solve, and the hints can get more in-depth.

Another Code: Recollection review puzzle gameplay

This reminds me of a puzzle…

You can also switch on a direction arrow that helps you from getting lost. I would say the puzzles themselves aren’t particularly difficult, so if you’re looking for some brain-busting riddles, then this might not be the game for you. But once again, great for younger players first dipping into the genre.

Another Code: Recollection Review – Visuals

‘Another’ has been given a fresh coat of paint here, the visuals being given a massive upgrade. The models and environments all pop with colour, now. It’s much more visually engaging and really does make it feel like a modern title. The cutscenes are now stylised like a motion graphic novel. (If you’ve played Gravity Rush, it’s somewhat similar to that visual style)

Another Code: Recollection Review – Audio

The games now have voice acting, and the soundtrack has been jazzed up for a newer sound system. No more compressed and crunchy Nintendo DS soundtrack – this time you’ll be treated to all of the songs from the original games completely rearranged by prolific composer, Rei Kondoh, who has featured on the likes of Bayonetta, Fire Emblem, and even Okami.

The game’s main theme, brought to life for the remake.


While Another Code: Recollection didn’t massively blow my socks off, it still was a fun adventure to idle away an afternoon. This may be a nostalgia trip for players who originally experienced the game on Nintendo DS, but I’d recommend it to younger players, or adults new to the puzzle genre.

So, why should you play Another Code: Recollection?

  • Did you love the first release of these games? Then get ready to dive into a more spiffy version of these cult classic games.
  • You like light puzzles with a cute teenage protagonist and a mystery to solve
  • You’re vibing for a shorter game

But why shouldn’t you play Another Code: Recollection?

  • You’re looking for a meatier puzzle game
  • You want a 90-hour thrill ride

A review copy was kindly provided by Nintendo Australia for the purpose of our Another Code: Recollection review. Love puzzle games? Be sure to check out our review for Mario vs. Donkey Kong and join us over on the Qualbert Discord to chat about the latest Switch games!

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