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February 28, 2024

Delve into Denis Villeneuve’s thunderous return to the greatest sci-fi ever written in our Dune Part Two review!

The monumental cultural impact of Frank Herbert’s Dune is one that needs no introduction. Originally published in 1965, this series almost singlehandedly established the science fiction “space opera” genre. And despite a well-received cinematic adaptation in 1984 directed by David Lynch (Twin Peaks), it wasn’t until 2021 that we would see the grand scale of Arrakis truly brought to life thanks to Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049, Arrival).

Dune PArt One wallpaper

Every story has a beginning…

Nominated for a colossal ten Academy awards and sand-walking away with six, Dune Part One was universally acclaimed. But this was merely setting the scene for greater things, as despite its almost three-hour run-time, Part One merely felt like an introduction to the world of Arrakis and the one character who would herald change across the entire universe: Paul Atreides ( Timothée Chalamet).

Dune Part Two review paul with sun behind back

He’s not (just) the messiah, he’s a very powerful boy.

Three years on and following directly from Paul’s initiation into the hostile Fremen, does Denis Villeneuve continue to perfect the greatest-ever science fiction adaptation? Slip on your stillsuit, strap on your sand shoes and find out in our Dune Part Two review.

Dune Part Two Review – Story

Thrust onto planet Arrakis at the will of the Emperor, and given control of the Spice fields, the once powerful House Atreides was betrayed and wiped from the universe. Or so the empire and the Harkonnens thought…

Deep in the desolate desert wastes of Arrakis, Paul Atreidies and his mother, Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) commence a holy mission to become one with the Fremen, learn their ways, and convince them of the arrival of their messiah: Lisan al’gaib. An outworlder who knows the ways of the desert and a fierce warrior capable of leading the Fremen to paradise, Paul must amass a legion and seek vengeance on the Emperor for the fall of his house.

Dune Part Two review Chani

If looks could kill, Zendaya would be the main character.

Guided by the tender hand of Chani (Zendaya) and the wise tutelage of Stilgar (Javier Bardem), Paul begins to learn the ways of the Fremen. Surviving the planet’s harsh climate, excelling in hand-to-hand combat, and above all else, harnessing the desert power of the Shai-Hulud. Eventually becoming a native of the planet’s people, he gains their trust, and in doing so their alliance to re-capture the Northern realms of Arrakis.

Dune Part Two review paul and chani kiss

“I hate sand – it’s rough, course, and it gets everywhere. Not like you…”

Light years away, the Harkonnens and Empire seek to reclaim control of the spice on Arrakis. After having their effort thwarted by a mysterious figure only going by the title Muad’dib, they throw their entire firepower at eliminating this threat and once again establishing their iron fist over the planet’s precious commodity.

Dune Part Two review lady jessica

Faith is the ultimate weapon.

However, there is far more at play than mere power and revenge. Hidden in the shadows, a mystic sect called the Bene Gesserit pulls the strings, orchestrating the rise of Paul Atriedes and the ascent of Lady Jessica as the Fremen’s next Reverend Mother. After centuries of crossing sacred bloodlines, a pregnant Lady Jessica can foresee the coming of the universe’s most powerful being: the Kwisatz Haderach.

Dune Part Two Review – Acting

Delivering a compelling performance as not just a powerful, godlike messiah, but also a fragile teen caught between romance and duty, Timothée Chalamet feels like less of an actor and more of a real depiction of Paul Atreides himself. His range as an actor is particularly impressive, seeing his development in the first film and rise to leadership throughout Part Two. Accompanied by a loyal following of Fremen, notably Zendaya and Javier Bardem, every single scene delving into the Fremen and their culture feels deeply spiritual.

Dune Part Two review paul close up

Who wouldn’t go into war for that face?

In harsh juxtaposition, we’re exposed to the bloodthirsty and bleak world of the Harkonnen, Geidi Prime. With spice harvesting efforts initially led by Glossu Raban (Dave Bautista) beginning to slip, we see this once immensely powerful character begin to crumble under the pressure of his Uncle’s expectations. As his replacement, a psychotic warrior, Feyd-Rautha, is brought to life through a stellar performance from Austin Butler, who truly channels the insanity of the character.

Dune Part Two review saud ratha

Nope, this isn’t a black-and-white film. It’s Geidi Prime, where colours don’t exist.

Like the universe in which Dune is set, the cast for the sequel is utterly star-studded. Even characters who appear on-screen only briefly, such as Princess Irulan (Florence Pugh) and Margot Fenring (Lea Seydoux) will enrapture the viewer. There’s even a special appearance from a popular actress that I won’t spoil…

Dune Part Two Review – Visuals

Harsh and vast, gorgeous yet inhospitable – Denis Villeneuve transports us back to Planet Arrakis but takes us further than ever before. Despite its setting on a fictional planet so far removed from Earth, every single moment of Dune feels distinctly believable. With the combination of superb CGI alongside impressive practical effects and choreography, there is not a single moment of Dune Part Two that won’t have you completely sucked into its world.

Dune Part Two review sandworm attack

Worms: Armageddon

There’s a sheer sense of scale that accompanies many of the scenes, particularly those involving the series’ iconic Sandworms. These are a visual spectacle among some of the very best ever seen on the big screen and have brought the pages of Frank Herbert to life in the best way possible. Extra praise must also go to the costume department, who were clearly working overtime to create some of the most absurd pieces of clothing ever seen this side of the galaxy!

Dune Part Two Review – Audio

Building upon his Academy Award-winning score for the first film, the master of bass, Hans Zimmer, returns to deliver yet another thunderous soundtrack. Drawing upon the enchanting melodies, pulsating percussion, and mystic sound of the Fremen, Zimmer somehow delivers music that is somehow even richer and more emotional.

His music varies from tender themes of love and connection between Paul and Chani to the ground-shaking themes of the godlike Sandworms that drift beneath the planet’s surface. Just take a listen:

Zimmer brings beauty and life to the desolate sands of Arrakis.

While also bringing power and terror…

Beyond the film’s music, every aspect of audio is tailored to perfection, with a sound mix that is delicately balanced between the softest sounds and those that will rumble the entire cinema. Every single blade clash or subtle footstep is crisp and clear – completely contrasted by shattering and thunderous scenes of gargantuan Sandworms. This legitimately is a film worthy of being viewed with Dolby Atmos for the best possible experience.


As Peter Jackson once perfected fantasy through his adaptation of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Denis Villeneuve is perfecting science fiction through his truly masterful adaptation of a sci-fi epic. Building upon the compelling world established in Part One, this sequel is more vast, more impressive, and densely packed with a perfect balance of world-building and lore, action and emotion.

There is not a single moment in Dune Part Two that doesn’t deem itself important. Leaving us on yet another cliffhanger and the power of the universe in the balance, this has the potential to be the best book-to-film adaptation in decades and will leave all viewers eagerly awaiting their return to Arrakis once again.

So, why should you watch Dune Part Two?

  • Enjoyed Part One? This is essential viewing
  • Phenomenal cast, particularly Timothée Chalamet in the lead role
  • Impressive visuals and sense of scale that bring this sci-fi epic to life
  • Hans Zimmer soundtrack that is somehow even bigger than the last
  • Compelling story that never overstays its welcome

But why shouldn’t you watch Dune Part Two?

  • You haven’t seen the first film yet

What specific elements of the story make Dune Part Two stand out from other science fiction adaptations?

Dune Part Two is praised for its continuation of the epic story established in Dune Part One. The sequel builds upon the world of Arrakis, focusing on Paul Atreides’ journey as he becomes one with the Fremen and leads them in a quest for vengeance against the Emperor. The film delves deeper into the themes of power, destiny, and faith, showcasing Paul’s evolution from a young noble into a leader and messiah figure.

How does the sequel expand upon the world-building and lore established in Dune Part One?

The acting in Dune Part Two is highlighted by Timothée Chalamet’s compelling portrayal of Paul Atreides. Chalamet effectively captures the complexity of Paul’s character, balancing his godlike status with his vulnerabilities and internal conflicts. Supporting actors such as Zendaya and Javier Bardem also deliver standout performances, adding depth to the Fremen culture and Paul’s interactions with them.

Can you elaborate on the impact of the visuals and sound design in Dune Part Two, particularly in comparison to the first film and other sci-fi movies?

Visually, Dune Part Two is a spectacle, with stunning CGI, practical effects, and costume design that bring the world of Arrakis to life. The film’s depiction of the Sandworms is particularly impressive, showcasing the scale and majesty of these iconic creatures. Hans Zimmer’s score further enhances the film, with music that ranges from tender themes to powerful, thunderous compositions, elevating the emotional impact of key moments.

An early media screening was kindly provided by Universal Pictures Australia and Warner Bros. Australia for the purpose of our Dune Part Two review. Enjoyed this review? Be sure to explore more of our film reviews and chat with us on the Qualbert Discord server about all things sci-fi!

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