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April 27, 2023

If you work in the game, you work in real life. Get your resume and cover letter ready for our Job Simulator PSVR2 review!

For many people, video games provide respite after a long day of work. But for workaholics, Job Simulator lets you continue the daily grind from the comfort of your living room. First released in 2016, Job Simulator was both a critical and commercial success, becoming the second VR title to crack a million units sold. A feat that was achieved due to the game’s comedic stylings and approachable gameplay.

Surprising nobody, Owlchemy Labs has prepped a port for Sony’s new PSVR2 headset with a free upgrade being offered to anyone who purchased the title for the original PSVR. But is the game still worth playing for any budding job seekers? What upgrades can you expect over the original PSVR version of the game? Find out, as we violate health and safety regulations in our Job Simulator PSVR2 review.

Job Simulator PSVR2 Review – Story

Set in the far-flung future of 2050. All jobs are now performed by robots with humans never being forced to lift a single finger in their entire lives. The game casts you as a human visiting a museum that allows you to experience the joys of working four different jobs in virtual reality.

Job Simulator PSV2 review desk gameplay

Oh boy, just like real life!

The first job sees you working in an office space performing tasks like creating power points and shredding documents. The next job puts you in the shoes of a convenience store clerk selling scratchable lotto tickets and diarrhoea-inducing snacks. The third job gives you a chance to be a gourmet chef. Cooking questionable food and stopping the restaurant being shuttered by the local health inspector. Your final job involves being an auto mechanic that fixes cars and what not.

Job Stimulator PSVR2 Review – Gameplay

At its core, Job Simulator is a simplistic game. You’re asked to perform a series of tasks in a linear fashion without much in the way of wiggle room or experimentation. But the value in playing Job Simulator comes from its high comedic value. This is a hilarious game that will tickle every funny bone in your body. Whether it’s being abused by a robotic version of Gordon Ramsey or purposely sabotaging someone’s car, the laughs will simply never end in the world of Job Simulator.

Job Simulator PSVR2 review kitchen gameplay

That sandwich really is quite a tall order.

Having said that, there isn’t much in the way of replay value. Once you beat the game (which will only take around 2 hours), your only option is to play it again with one of the game genies that modify the experience like removing gravity. Getting the platinum trophy will only take a few hours as well. This will appeal to rabid trophy hunters trying to bump up their rank, especially since the PS4 and PS5 versions have a separate trophy list.

Job Simulator PSVR2 Review – Performance & Presentation

On the original PSVR, Job Simulator ran at 1080p on the base PS4 with a framerate of 60fps. While the PS4 Pro rendered the game at 1512p with 8xMSAA and a performance bump to 90fps. Of course, due to the lens on the PSVR only supporting 1080p, the image had to be super sampled down to this mediocre resolution.

Job Simulator PSVR2 screenshot shop mart gameplay

Who needs the Slush-E Mart? I doooooo…

The conversion for the PSVR2 retains the 90fps performance of the PS4 Pro build, but the rendering resolution has been increased to 4K. Thanks to the PSVR2 rocking a higher quality lens with a resolution of 2040p and HDR. You can easily appreciate the increased clarity that is offered over the original headset.

Outside the improved image quality, the visual make-up of the game hasn’t changed in any drastic ways. It’s a simplistic looking game, but wholly to its benefit. If they tried to make the graphics more realistic, the charm of the game would have been lost.

Job Simulator PSVR2 review car mechanic gameplay

Is your car running? Then you’d better go catch it.

The only major downside with the game is the space necessary to play it. This is a room scale title that demands a minimum play area of 2 metres x 2 metres. If the boundary system in the PSVR2 doesn’t detect the required amount of free space, you won’t be able to play the game and since the PlayStation Store doesn’t offer self-service refunds. You have essentially flushed $24.95AUD down the drain without any recourse.


Even though Job Simulator is a simplistic game that basically amounts to playing a round of Simon says with your friends, this is still one of the best introductory titles for people dipping their toes into the world of VR. The slow-paced nature of the game won’t induce motion sickness like other titles in the PSVR2 catalogue. Not to mention, the game is downright funny and will put a smile on your face after a long day of work.

If you already played the game on the original PSVR, the improved image quality and headset tracking makes it worth revisiting the game on Sony’s new VR hardware. To add a cherry to the proverbial cake, the upgrade is completely free and you will be able to add another platinum trophy to your profile.

So, why should you play Job Simulator on PSVR2?

  • Looking for a comedic game with solid writing and acting
  • Want to play a slow paced, simplistic VR game that won’t induce motion sickness
  • A rapid trophy hunter looking for a platinum trophy that only take 2 hours to unlock

But why shouldn’t you play Job Simulator on PSVR2?

  • If you don’t have a minimum play area of 2 metres x 2 metres
  • Hate short games with no mechanical depth and limited replay value

If you enjoyed our Job Simulator PSVR2 review, then you’d definitely love the similar office humour of Say No! More (our review here!). And to chat with the author about the latest PSVR2 releases, be sure to jump on the Qualbert Discord.

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