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June 16, 2022

Earlier this year Qualbert.com had the pleasure of reviewing the gnarly side-scrolling skater, OlliOlli World, from developers Roll7, the creative crew behind the first two OlliOlli games. With a flawless combination of perfectly-responsive skating gameplay, vibrant and crisp visuals, and a massive amount of content, it holds up as one of the best skating games ever created. You can read our full review here if you haven’t already checked it out.

OlliOlli World Skatepark Wallpaper

The skating game so good I took it to the skatepark.

Now OlliOlli World is back again, with a new DLC pack that’s truly out of this world: VOID Riders. Sporting a fresh set of challenging levels, a creative anti-gravity mechanic, and a host of intergalactic skaters all with trippy gear to unlock, read ahead to find out why you should continue your OlliOlli journey and enter the VOID.


We are not alone in Radlandia. As a mysterious UFO crashes in the expansive desert of Burntrock just outside Route 666, the player is greeted by a quirky and colourful trio of skaters from beyond the stars: the V.O.I.D. Riders. These eccentric extra-terrestrials are on a quest to make contact with a legendary skater they only refer to as The Hyped One, a master of the board with skills beyond any human. And it just so happens that there’s somebody who has what it takes to the be the next Hyped One: YOU.

VOID Riders Characters OlliOlli World

The new characters from the VOID are super weird and full of hilarious dialogue.

By mastering their gnarly anti-gravity skating skills and surpassing each of their challenges, the player will be given an audience with the mightiest skater in the galaxy: the Nebulord. So it’s time to put your wicked skills to the test, shred up the stuntwood (that’s Radlandian for skateboard), and face the V.O.I.D. with everything you’ve learned from the mighty Skate Godz.


The same slick side-scrolling skating is back in VOID Riders, alongside some additions that make gameplay even more engaging. Introduced in the DLC is a anti-gravity mechanic that can be triggered by performing a grab while in the path of a tractor beam. This clever mechanic makes for some huge air, extends combos even further, and keeps the gameplay feeling as innovative as ever. By chaining together grinds, manuals, wallrides and tractor beams, seasoned players will easily be able to rack up combos well into the hundreds to earn a place at the top of the scoreboard.

OlliOlli World VOID Riders Boss Level

The game’s boss challenges make clever use of the new anti-grav mechanic.

Across the entire VOID Riders DLC pack, there are a total 15 new levels, 4 boss levels, 42 regular challenges, and 14 “Nebulord challenges” that will push even the most talented of players to their limit. The standard levels can be completed in approximately 2 – 4 hours depending on skill level, but the real appeal of the DLC is in the added difficulty of its challenges. Where the base game might have tested some players, it was merely a warm-up compared to VOID Riders, which can at times be punishingly difficult.


Where the base game offered a visual style that was unbelievably vibrant and crisp, this DLC adds a level of visual psychedelia to the mix for an out-of-this-world aesthetic. The brightest of neon colour palettes and trippiest levels teeming with visual detail helps VOID Riders to achieve its own unique style beyond the presentation of the base game.

OlliOlli World VOID Riders Gameplay Visuals Gif

The visual style of VOID Riders goes above and beyond the base game.

It’s also worth mentioning that the new characters are a big part of the DLC’s visual style. The appropriately-named V.O.I.D. Riders dress head to toe in glaring neon with designs that are absolutely absurd and wickedly wonderous. Every piece of their clothing and even headgear can be unlocked through completing their challenges, giving the player the option to quite literally become a V.O.I.D. Rider should they wish.


New content means new tracks – the musical kind too, not just the sort you skate upon. Every single song in this DLC expands upon OlliOlli World’s already massive repertoir of original EDM, funk, trip-hop and bass-filled beats. This is simply a soundtrack that must be listened to through either a decent set of speakers or a good-quality headset. Take a listen to the title track that immediately plays upon first entering the VOID:

Funky new tracks like “Shredman is Here” by Pomrad will have players pumping the bass.

What else?

As mentioned earlier, there’s far more here than just a few new tracks. VOID Riders is a challenge for the players really wanting to push themselves. With the added levels now including 50+ challenges, some of which are absurdly difficult, there’s a tonne of replay value that could easily justify an additional 10 – 15 hours of gameplay for the OlliOlli pros out there.

OlliOlli World VOID Riders Clothes Gif

What I would give to rock this look in real life.

One of the biggest incentives to keep playing is to unlock sweet gear, making your player look just as absurd as you wish. These player avatars will appear in online races or challenges with friends, so flexing your skills with distinctive VOID gear is the perfect way to show off in style.


VOID Riders is more than just a DLC pack – this is an enhanced experience that goes above and beyond everything offered in the base game, somehow improving even further to achieve intergalactic skating perfection. With its out-of-this-world visual style, awesome anti-gravity mechanic, and added difficulty, there’s a tonne to conquer for players that were already engrossed by OlliOlli World. Don’t miss VOID Riders for the opportunity to skate not only beyond the stars, but beyond the confines of imagination.

So, why should you play it?

  • Heap of added gameplay and challenge for OlliOlli afficionados.
  • Psychedelic visual style that goes beyond the base game.
  • Creative anti-grav mechanic makes combos feel as natural as ever.
  • Tonne of unlockables for players wanting to test their skills.

But why shouldn’t you play it?

  • Found the base game too difficult? This might be beyond your skills.
  • If you somehow didn’t enjoy OlliOlli World.

A review code for OlliOlli World: VOID Riders on PC was kindly provided for the purpose of this review.

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