Wii U 10th Anniversary

Discover the challenges behind Nintendo’s creative hybrid handheld, and the remaining exclusives in its library in our Wii U 10th Anniversary discussion.

To celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Wii U in November 2022, myself and WindyCornerTV presented a panel at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane to discuss various aspects of the console, and some of its most notable games. You can watch the entire discussion in full below:

The discussion covers several topics regarding the Wii U, including:

  • Initial release
  • Marketing and hardware challenges
  • Our first impressions and experience
  • Notable titles and Switch ports
  • First part and third party exclusives
  • What to consider when purchasing a Wii U

Explore a snippet of the console’s colourful library in the gallery below – you can see more at Qual_bert on Instagram:

Enjoyed the panel? Explore more of Nintendo’s history in our Nintendo 3DS 10th Anniversary Podcast.


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