October 28, 2022

Skate like the wind in OlliOlli World in the brand new high-flying Finding the Flowzone DLC.

This year we’ve played a LOT of indie games at Qualbert.com – from smash hits like Cult of the Lamb through to wholesome titles like Wayward Strand, there’s been something for everyone. But few games match the incredible level of polish of Roll7’s slick, side-scrolling skater: OlliOlli World. Taking the age-old skating formula and injecting it with a vibrant visual style, perfectly responsive controls, and some of the most satisfying score-chasing gameplay ever made, OlliOlli World is on track to take out my personal game of the year. Something I never thought I’d catch myself saying about a sports game (sorry, Switch Sports).

OlliOlli World Skating Game Nintendo Switch

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Earlier this year we were lucky enough to review the out-of-this-world V.O.I.D Riders DLC, which added punishingly-difficult bonus challenges in a stunning intergalactic setting. But that wasn’t enough! Elevating the game to new heights, players are invited into the lost city of Radlantis in an entirely new continent nestled in the clouds. So strap on your knee pads, tighten your trucks, because it’s time to skate like the wind and get some serious air in the brand new OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone DLC!

OlliOlli Finding the Flowzone DLC gif


High above the clouds of Radlandia, nestled somewhere amongst the vibrant cotton candy clouds, the lost skate-cropolis in the sky awaits: Radlantis. Rumoured to be lost from all existence, only the skater who can master the five Flowzone Layer regions possesses the skills to uncover this mythological skate kingdom. And guess what? Yep, that skater is you.

OlliOlli World Finding the Flowzone DLC characters

Never talk to strangers. Well, unless they’re wearing adorable hats.

You’ll be accompanied by the fearless Radmospheric Three, an eccentric group of explorers on a quest to uncover Radlantis. Their only issue? Their map has gone missing, and a nefarious trickster has torn it to pieces and spread every last bit of it across the formidable clouds of the Flowzone. The only way to locate Radlantis is to help these adventurers reclaim their map, and with the assistance of the Tempest Skate God, Gail Force, it’s going to be a literal breeze.


If you’ve played the base game of OlliOlli World, or maybe even explored outer space in the V.O.I.D Riders levels, you’ll be in for an absolute treat. Finding the Flowzone takes this perfect skating simplicity and elevates it to new heights, offering updated mechanics, faster and more engaging levels than ever, and an increased degree of challenge to put even the most skilled skaters to the test.

The key component of Flowzone is its Windzones scattered throughout each level. Where the original game would slow down players based on how many tricks they pulled off, these conveniently-distributed gusts give the player a serious boost. This means that you can rack up massive scores without any worry of slowing down – in fact, sometimes you’ll be skating even faster than you can think! With Windzones, every single level is more exhilarating than ever and requires lightning reflexes to nail that perfect combo.

Let the wind guide your board.

Previously, the game was mostly limited to skating left and right, but the addition of Windzones pushes the player in every single direction. This means levels are now far more dynamic, skating not only left and right, but sometimes even vertically or plummeting beneath the clouds. While it can be a bit disorientating at first, it’s a satisfying experience for players wanting even more challenge from OlliOlli beyond its endgame levels.

OlliOlli World Finding the Flowzone DLC Burly route

When even the game gives you a warning, you’d better be prepared to fail repeatedly.

Lastly, each of the 17 new levels feature not only a Gnarly alternative route, but a brutal Burly route if you’re feeling like conquering the impossible. Burly routes are cleverly hidden and require serious skill to locate, and even more skill to successfully skate. As somebody who regularly topped leaderboards while playing, I even found some of these to be beyond my skill level. The Burly routes are not for the faint of heart, as they offer the highest degree of difficulty once you’ve mastered everything else.


As with the original game, the Finding the Flowzone DLC is as vibrant as ever, with its gorgeous colourful visuals accompanied with a cartoony charm. Rather than the trippy intergalactic aesthetic of V.O.I.D Riders, most of the game will now leave your head in the clouds. Literally.

Don’t be fooled by its playful veneer, these final levels are punishing!

Each level is themed around each one of the Radlandia regions and cleverly draws elements from levels that you’ll likely already be familiar with. For example, the Flowzone Layer above Sketchside (the disgustingly-polluted area) is filled with smog that has billowed up through the clouds, whereas the area floating above beautiful Cloverbrook is filled with friendly bees that have migrated up from the trees below. It’s a simple but effective visual touch the pays tribute to all the previous OlliOlli World regions!

What Else?

As with all previous levels, each new Flowzone level features three new challenges to unlock a wide variety of gear, though these become incrementally more difficult. In case they weren’t already tough enough, finishing the DLC will unlock Gail Force’s challenges. These will reward the player with the kit of a Skate God, but require god-like mastery of the game. Trust me, only pursue these challenges if you’re prepared for blisters on your hands.

Gail Force OlliOlli World Flowzone DLC

It’s not a JRPG, but the final challenges will have you facing off against god.

With 48 new challenges, high scores to beat on every level, and optional Gnarly/Burly routes, there’s a tonne of replayability in the Flowzone. Beating the DLC will take around a couple hours for skilled players, but 100% completion will take far longer (if you are capable of achieving it).


OlliOlli World really is the most polished skating game ever created – Tony Hawk eat your heart out – and Finding the Flowzone is an added breath of fresh air. The new Windzone mechanic seriously speeds up the game’s pace, and alleviates the frustration of slowing down during lengthy combos. With a heap of added challenge, this is the perfect DLC for players wanting to test their skating skills and compete for glory on the scoreboard! So go with the flow and give this DLC a go.

So, why should you play it?

  • More brilliant OlliOlli World content
  • “Windzone” mechanic speeds up gameplay considerably
  • Increased level of challenge if you’re a seasoned player
  • Tonnes of unlockable post-game content

But why shouldn’t you play it?

  • Found the base game challenging? This is likely beyond your skill level
  • If you’re not a completionist, campaign can be finished in ~2 hours

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A review code for the Finding the Flowzone DLC on PC was kindly provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review. If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out our review for the base game if you haven’t already!

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